February 11, 2022
New Single “This Is The Night” released

We are proud to announce the new song release “This Is The Night” by G Mackey. “This Is The Night” is a soulful ballad featuring G. Mackey “The Singing Drummer”, back with his new single from the album “The Relationship Files”, coming soon. If you vibed on his first single “Beat It Up (Like A Drum), “This Is The Night” will vibe you to another level. This song is dedicated to all the ladies who deserve that special night.

With many years of experience in the music industry, Gary says he “remains committed to delivering top-quality work that his loyal fans will appreciate” and that will appeal to both lovers of R&B and hip-hop music fans worldwide.

Song title: This Is The Night
Artist: G Mackey
Label: Nu Rhyme Records
Copyright: © by Nu Rhyme Records
Genre: R&B, Soul
Release: 2022

The song will be released digitally through Nu Rhyme Records and is available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and more. The official release date is set for February 11th 2022.

To preview, listen or buy the song, please check out our dedicated music page here or visit our webshop!

About the Artist

G. Mackey is a Platinum Artist/Singer/Producer. He is best known for his infectious Lead vocal performance on “Too Shorts” “The Ghetto” Now embarking on a new solo career. Album titled “The RelationShip Files” “Beat It Up” (Like A Drum) The First Single.

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